Non-Destructive Classification of Fruits Based on Vis-nir Spectroscopy and Principal Component Analysis

Kusumiyati Kusumiyati(1*), Yuda Hadiwijaya(2), Ine Elisa Putri(3)

(1) Padjadjaran University, Indonesia
(2) Padjadjaran University, Indonesia
(3) Padjadjaran University, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


Fruits are one of the sources of nutrition needed for health. Fruit quality is generally assessed by physical and chemical properties. Measurement of fruit internal quality is usually done by destructive techniques. Ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared (UV-Vis-NIR) spec-troscopy is a non-destructive technique to measure fruit quality. This technique can rapidly measure the fruit quality, the measured fruit still remains intact, and can be marketed. Besides, UV-Vis-NIR spectrosco-py can also be used to classify fruits. The study aimed to classify var-ious types of fruits using UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy with wavelengths of 300-1041 nm and Principal Component Analysis (PCA). First de-rivative savitzky-golay with 9 smoothing points (dg1) and multiplica-tive scatter correction (MSC) were applied to correct the spectra. The results showed that the use of uv-vis-nir spectroscopy and PCA com-bined with spectra pre-treatment of the MSC method were able to clas-sify various types of fruits with 100% success rate in all fruit samples including sapodilla, ridge gourd, mango, guava, apple and zucchini. 


dg1, Hotelling’s T2, MSC, NIPALS, PCA

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