Pesan-pesan Dakwah dalam Bahasa Tutur

Hikmat Hikmat(1*)

(1) UIN SGD Bandung, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


Forwarding of The da’wah messages  in oral language. Oral language in this context is  transmitted, trasacted and transformated from relevan values. Even if the message of da’wah in oral language is culture frame that eksist in community, but its posite not outside  of principles: qulan sadidan, Balighan, ma’rufan, kariman, layyinan, dab qoulan maysuran, that the message od da’wah can be manual by people dan  followed it, because da’I is a available  person for people followed it all.


Pesan-pesan dakwah; Mafhum dakwah; prinsip qoulan; Makna dan bahasa tutur;Citra Da’i

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