Membingkai “Episteme” Ilmu Dakwah

Asep Shodikin(1*)

(1) UIN SGD Bandung, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


One of urgent task in developing science of da’wah is seek what is foundation to it. Because of the foundation so that the science of da’wah having a clear of frame of think. One of the foundations is named epistemology, a foundation of science that study how the science is got and developed. Based on it’s developing, epistemecally the science of da’wah as developed through three methods: dig up the science from Islamic doctrine source and muslim intellectual tradition (thuruqul istinbath), accepting the social science elements and modern technology (thuruqul iqtibash), and a set of research (thuruqul istiqra’).


Ilmu Dakwah; Filsafat Ilmu; Ontologi; Epistemologi

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