Suci Ariny Heqi, Mulyanti Syas, Elfitra Elfitra


Program socialization or government policy cannot be separated from the responsibility and role of government officials, planned and organized efforts and stages and good cooperation, are expected to achieve effective results and in accordance with the previously set targets. Similarly, the process of relocating Solok Market must be socialized to traders. The communication process in the socialization of the Solok Market relocation process has been appropriate and fulfills all elements in the communication process where there is a communicator, the existence of the message conveyed, the presence of communicants by using communication channels or media and feedback in socialization. Researchers found that communication in the socialization carried out by the Solok City government was not effective because it can be seen from the following indicators: Understanding factors, pleasure factors, influence factors on attitudes and better relations factors. It can be concluded that the effectiveness of communication in the process of relocation of socialization is less effective because the relocation effort does not run optimally.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15575/jk.v1i1.3767


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