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The main problem in the Performance in the Regency/municipality government of Bandung Metropolitan west java Province is low, It’s thought to have been caused by the job satisfaction and organization comitment not done optimally yet. The method used in the reseach is explanatory reseach that get the simple from one population and use the questionnaire as a tool to collect the main data. Beside the purpose of the reaseach by  explanatory reaseach is to describe the casual relationship between the variables trough the test of the hypotesis. The result of reseach shows that the organizational commitment and the job satisfaction empirically have given contribution toward the improvement of the organizational performance. It means that the organizational commitment and job satisfaction haven’t been implemented optimally so they influence the organizational performance. The conclusion of the reseach is that organizational commitment and job satisfaction should be improved and implemented optimally by leader. Besides that, the other factor that is not reseached, needs attention in order the performance in the Regency/Municipality Government of the Bandung Metropolitan West Java Province can be implemented based on the goal of organization.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15575/jk.v1i1.3800


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