Rethinking Hijab in Contemporary Indonesia : A Study of the Hijab Community “Tuneeca Lover Community”

Wardah Nuroniyah


Hijab (veil) for female Muslim has been subject to debate as it has been perceived with different meanings. On the one hand, it represents the virtue of religious obedience and piety, but on the other hand, it has been connected with the form of women's oppression in the public domain. At this point, the hijab has been an arena of contesting interpretations. Meanwhile, contemporary Indonesia is witnessing the increase in the use of hijab among urban female Muslims that leads to the birth of various hijaber communities. One of them is Tuneeca Lover Community. This community has become a new sphere where female Muslims articulate their ideas about Islam through a number of activities such as religious gathering, hijab tutorial class, fashion show, and charity activities. My paper seeks the answer to two main questions: Why do they wear hijab and why do they join the TLC? How do they perceive the hijab? Is it related to religious doctrines or other factors such as lifestyle? On the basis of a survey among 150 members of the TLC, this research finds out that their understanding of the hijab results from the common understanding that places the hijab as a religious obligation. Nevertheless, each of the members has its own personal orientation over the hijab. This paper also suggests that they try to transform this understanding into modern settings. As a consequence, they are not only committed to the traditionally spiritual meaning of hijab but are also nuanced with modern ideas such as lifestyle and particular social class. Their participation in the TLC enables them to reach both goals simultaneously.


hijab, fashion, lifestyle, Tuneeca Lover Community



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