Important Announcement from Khazanah Social Journal: Article Status Archive and Rejection Notification

Hello to all authors at Khazanah Social Journal, we would like to inform you that after a thorough evaluation process, unfortunately, the article you submitted is now in the archive status. This means that the article cannot be published in our journal. We would like to inform you that currently, we are experiencing technical constraints that hinder our ability to send individual emails to each author. Therefore, through this announcement, we state unequivocally that the "archive" status on your article indicates rejection. Some common reasons for rejection include non-compliance with the specified research scope, lack of uniqueness in contributions, failure to adhere to the writing style and format guidelines established by the journal, as well as English language writing that does not meet journal standards. We want to express our appreciation for your efforts and invite you to continue contributing in the future. Although this article does not meet the criteria at present, Khazanah Social Journal remains open to receiving more suitable contributions from you in the future. Thank you for your understanding and participation.

Best regards, Muhammad Andi Septiadi Editor in Chief Khazanah Social Journal

Note. If your submission has not been processed within two months, you are allowed to submit it elsewhere without seeking prior permission from our journal. We conduct a confirmation process before initiating the publication procedure, and if you have already submitted your work elsewhere during this period, it will not pose any issues. We assure you that our confirmation process ensures no duplication in publication efforts.