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Khazanah Sosial is a double-blind peer-reviewed reviewer and open access and reviews in the social and political fields with the following scope: Public Administration, Social Conflict, Communication Sciences, Political Science, Government Science, and International Relations.

We accept research and conceptual (non-research) article contributions from authors in Indonesian and English. Khazanah Sosial is a peer-reviewed journal. It is available online as an open-access source or in printed form. We welcome and invite all edible scientific communities, lecturers, researchers, practitioners, and students to publish scientific articles here. We provide easy access for people to find items or scientific research results needed in this Journal and can be accessed free of charge.

Journal Subject:

  1. Public Administration
  2. Social Conflict
  3. Communication Sciences
  4. Political Science
  5. Government Science
  6. International Relations.
  7. Economics

Will be published in April, August, and November. But, specifically in 2021, publications of social treasures will be slightly earlier to February, April and August.

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Vol 3, No 2 (2021): Khazanah Sosial

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Christiantus Ifeanyi Adebowale Oke , Harriet Omokiniovo Efanodor-Obeten
Islamic Economics as a Science and System
| Abstract views: 4 | PDF views: 1
Abd. Kholik Khoerulloh , Syifa Rohmaniatul Hidayah
Putri Jasmine Surapati , Nada Nur Maulidina , Fayza Maritza Putri Agustono , Hilda Ferira Pohan
Hudzaifah Achmad Qotadah , Adang Darmawan Achmad
Alzikri Fakhrurraji