Prinsip-prinsip Komunikasi dalam Al-Qur’an

Bahrudin Bahrudin(1*)

(1) UIN SGD Bandung, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


Doing communicate constitute something needed by almost each human activity. By communicate, human can interact one and other; to present his purpose and object  and to express attitude and feeling contens that created one related human between. How ever  it is not any kind  can be apllied but only communicate based by the strong etic that having ability to  product   a society relation pattern  characterized e.g.: harmony, warm, attractive, to respect one another, not to discriminate and not to force the desire and his self opinion to other. This pattern have relate to the holy Qur’an with term such: qaulan balighan, qaulan maisuran, qaulan kari­man, qaulan ma’rufan, qaulan layyinan, qaulan sadidan,and so on that verificated and examinated in Islamic socius living.


Al-Qur’an; Prinsip-prinsip Komunikasi; Komunikasi Beradab; Dakwah Islam

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