Khazanah Hukum Declaration Form

Dear Author

Considering the increasing frequency of ethical violations in the world of academic writing and the increasing number of retractions of articles in leading journals for various reasons, the Khazanah Hukum editorial team is committed to upholding high ethical standards and maintaining the quality of articles. As a first step, we are implementing regulations requiring all articles published by 2024 to submit an attached declaration form. Attached file (download here), Failure to submit this form within one month will result in the retraction of articles published in 2024. We also guarantee you that in the event of an article being retracted, we will refund all APCs (Article Processing Fees) incurred. We value transparency and integrity in our publication process and aim to provide the best service to our authors. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated as we strive to create a better publishing atmosphere.

Khazanah Hukum Editorial Team