Pemikiran Muthahhari tentang Manusia Masa Depan sebagai Subyek Dakwah

Irfan Sanusi


This paper departed from Muthahhari’s statement that human nature in Islam is paradoxical creatures. In itself there are good qualities and have a tendency to go towards the truths and sacred entities, and the nature of evil as well. All of this is the potential of the human being and should establish itself to become a more perfect self. In view Muthahhari, man as the vicegerent of Allah on earth and as the preaching subjects in which have the nature of God confess, free reliable. Humans as subjects of da’wah initiated the tendency towards good and evil, with their capacity that is not limited, having a whole and instinctive dignity, human driving motivation in many ways is not only material but is transcendent (divine) that finally can freely make use of the grace and gifts bestowed him that will shape the future humans as subjects propaganda bright, awakened, has theistic and spiritual freedom and not experiencing alienation of the self, the world and God.


Subyek Dakwah; Makhluk Serba Dimensi; Kebajikan etis; Kebebasan Theistik

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