Perencanaan Pendidikan Tinggi Dakwah Islam

Aep Kusnawan(1*)

(1) UIN SGD Bandung, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


Its essensial, planning constitute set of activity process to prefare decision of what happened occure. Planning in high education of Islamic da’wah world  placement strategy in all education process that apllied and give clear direction in all efforts   of Islamic da’wah high education process. Through planning, management of education efforts will implemented as effective and efficient. The ducation planning also hopped will give positive effect  in  increasing the quality of Islamic da’wah high education. Therefore, to regulate planning not in estimate, manipulate or theory without fact. That prefaring of plan need maturity and need for assessment, By this, planning be clear in steps, model, component, process and its kind.


Perencanaan; Pendidikan; Dakwah Islam

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