Call for Reviewer: Call for Reviewer


Peer reviewers are charged with providing feedback to Journal of Teaching and Learning Physics (JoTaLP) editors about the merits of submissions in terms of quality and contribution to the field. Reviewers are expected to write reviews in a timely, collegial, and constructive manner. Thanks to reviewers with a high level of expertise and an ability to be objective, fair, and insightful in their evaluation of manuscripts, will maintaining JoTaLP journal as the best in term of scientific quality.

JoTaLP is looking for researchers interested in helping on our volunteer Advisory Board.

If you are interested, please full fill the Reviewer Application Form bellow. We will respond to your inquiry shortly.

Reviewer Application Form

I am pleased to join the "International Journal of Progressive Sciences and Technologies" team of reviewers. I attest that I will respect the following conditions:

1. I should not accept to review a manuscript if:

A personal or financial conflict of interest exists.
I feel I cannot give an impartial and objective review, free from professional or personal bias.

2. If I have questions regarding a potential conflict of interest, I have to contact the Editor in Chief, and he will decide whether it is appropriate to review the manuscript.

3. There are occasions where a reviewer may be unable to complete his / her review within the allotted time due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case, I must contact the editor immediately so that arrangements can be made for the review to be completed in a timely fashion.

4. This contract can be ended written notice by either "Journal of Teaching and Learning Physics" or "The Reviewer" without pointing out any specific reason.


Any questions, please contact:

Editor in Chief
Prof. Dr. Chaerul Rochman, M.Pd.
Phone  : +6281321123968 / +6285643287151
Email   :

Posted: 2021-08-31

Call for Editorial Board: Call for Editorial Members


We are seeking professionals to join our Editorial Board. You will be entitled following benefits while working with us as an editorial board member of the journal.
1. You are enforced to read carefully various manuscripts in your area of importance and interest. This is the way you are routinely forced to keep yourself up-to-date while checking and suggesting the changes in manuscripts.
2. This work helps to add in and provides a better way to create your identity as a well known expert in your field and may lead to increased invitations to speak at conferences or demand for invited research of your specialized area.
3. You will be among the contributors who will shape and decide the urgent ways as required with changing societal needs.
4. Your ideas and subject inputs may help in arranging special issues as per topics of your interest and choice.
5. You will come across the latest research before everyone else and gives you a position of leadership in your research community.

Any questions, please contact:

Regisration Link:

Posted: 2021-08-31

Call For Paper: Call for Paper Vol 7 2022

The Journal of Teaching and Learning Physics (JoTaLP) invites academics, lecturers, and researchers to contribute to JoTaLP Vol. 7, No. 1 and No. 2, 2022. JoTaLP accommodates research articles by focusing on Physics Education studies ranging from Learning Models, Learning Media, Learning Methods, and Research Results related to Physics Education. Papers can be written in Indonesian and English. Starting from Vol. 6, No. 1 and so on, JoTaLP will increase the number of published articles to seven articles in one issue.  
Posted: 2020-09-18
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