Vol 5, No 2 (2017)

International Journal of Nusantara Islam

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Effect of Service Quality on Satisfaction and its Impact on Loyalty of Santri Pesantren Student Al Ma'soem
Dadang Dimyati
The Effect of Smartphone Technology Development on Student Morality
Didin Komarudin, Adnan Adnan, Asrizal A. Upe
The Analysis of Obligation Disputes on Returned Partnership Funds in Religious High Court of Medan
Cucu Susilawati Effendi
Analysis of Education and Health Quality of Children of TKW Families: A Case Study in Cianjur and Indramayu Regencies
Ferry Hadiyanto, Arsita Arsita, Rosleny Marliani
Guarantee in Islamic Law Perspectives (A Theoretical discussion of Fiqh Al-Muqarin/Madzhab Comparison)
Muhajirin Muhajirin
Hadith Selection Methods in the Study of Sirah Nabawiyyah (An Analysis of Shahih Sirah Nabawiyyah by Akram Dhiya al-‘Umari)
Acep Dani

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