Accepted_English_Lilis Sholihah, Nia Kurniasih, Sahliah, Mohamad Erihadiana


B-082/Jurnal Atthulab/LoA/07/2023


Hereby we announce that the article entitle:


Multicultural Education in Perspective Science of Islamic Education”.


Submitted by:

Name                        : Lilis Sholihah, Nia Kurniasih, Sahliah, Mohamad Erihadiana

Affiliation                 : IPDN Jatinangor Sumedang, STAI Al-Hidayah Tasikmalaya, IKIP Siliwangi Cimahi, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung


Has been accepted and will be publish in Atthulab: Islamic Religion Teaching & Learning Journal

Volume                     : 8

Number                    : 2

Year                           : 2023


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