Journal History

Breakthrough English Language Teaching in Islamic Contexts (BELTIC) Journal is an International peer –reviewed journal developed after a successful implementation of the first International Conference on ELT in 2018 in Bandung, a provincial city of West Java – Indonesia. It was redeveloped from its predecessor, ELLD (English Language Learning Development) publishing its first edition in 1998 (?) The title was given a new since it needs more specific focus and relevance to the mission of the university where this journal is published. ELLD which was formerly aimed at promoting issues and practices in English language learning development is too broad in terms of scope and readership.
BELTIC Journal, as the name suggests, is a room for English Language teachers, practitioners, and researchers in Islamic Educational Institutions in specific and those who have a great concern on developing English language teaching and learning in general. Their innovative and fresh-from-the oven- research findings and scholarly genuine articles are given a good place in this journal to be disseminated to a wide array of ELT practitioners, educators, and researchers. Therefore, BELTIC Journal is aimed at promoting research which contributes to our understanding about practices, innovation, policies, and philosophical reflection on English Language Teaching in Islamic Education Institutions, and general education institutions at all their levels.
Given the breadth of scope, we strongly recommend that new authors ensure that they are familiar with the range of articles published in recent issues. We have also provided an additional guide in the form of a checklist for contributors and peer reviewers.