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Publishing process and publication schedule 2024

To improve the quality and dissemination of our articles, the Editorial Team has decided to divide the 15 articles that will be published in 2024 into three volumes that will be published in December 2024. The selection process will be through a conference that will collaborate with us. The results of this conference will be articles that will be published by us in December 2024. We will convey the conference schedule and registration procedures to you soon. Thank you for your attention.

Posted: 2024-05-05

New Publish Policy since Volume 5.1 2023

To improve the quality of articles and journal management. Journal Made some policy changes.
1. Changes to several sub-sections in the template.
where for each sub-chapter does not require a direct title. Simply by providing a title with highlighted. For more details, see the Author Guidelines and articles published in the 5.1 2023 edition. Template
2. Change of issue time from April, August, November to July, October and December.
Posted: 2023-06-13 More...
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