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Khazanah Pendidikan Islam (KPI) is a peer-reviewed international journal that publishes original research papers and reviews in the field of Education. KPI is a scientific journal published by the State Islamic University of Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, Indonesia. This journal aims to advance the progress of Islamic Education by providing a platform for researchers, scientists and academics to publish their research findings and share knowledge with the wider scientific community. KPI welcomes contributions from researchers, scientists and academics around the world on various topics, which have been determined.

Journal Subject ( Three main priorities ) :

Khazanah Pendidikan Islam (KPI) is a prestigious scientific platform that aims to advance research in three key themes in Education:

  1. Inclusive Character Development of Students Through the Al-Quran and Ḥadīth: KPI welcomes contributions that explore how Islamic teachings from the Al-Quran and Hadith can be integrated into educational frameworks to promote inclusive character development among students. The text should examine pedagogical strategies, curriculum design, and the role of educators in instilling values such as empathy, integrity, and social responsibility based on Islamic spirituality.

  2. Relevance of Religious Education in Islamic Countries: KPI invites research investigating the significance and impact of religious education in Islamic countries. Articles should explore the role of Islamic education in shaping worldviews, ethical values, and contributions to societal development, considering the historical context and contemporary challenges in various Islamic societies.

  3. The Role of Education in Advancing Various Fields: Manuscripts that explore how education, both Islamic education and general education, can advance various fields are highly expected to be submitted to the KPI. Although more emphasis on Islamic education is desirable, researchers are invited to investigate how education in a broader context can drive progress in areas such as science, technology, arts, and humanities, providing insights relevant to the holistic development of society.

KPI encourages rigorous research that contributes to understanding of these themes, stimulates interdisciplinary dialogue, and provides insights relevant to contemporary challenges and opportunities in the Islamic context.

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Publishing process and publication schedule 2024

To improve the quality and dissemination of our articles, the Editorial Team has decided to divide the 15 articles that will be published in 2024 into three volumes that will be published in December 2024. The selection process will be through a conference that will collaborate with us. The results of this conference will be articles that will be published by us in December 2024. We will convey the conference schedule and registration procedures to you soon. Thank you for your attention.

Posted: 2024-05-05

New Publish Policy since Volume 5.1 2023

To improve the quality of articles and journal management. Journal Made some policy changes.
1. Changes to several sub-sections in the template.
where for each sub-chapter does not require a direct title. Simply by providing a title with highlighted. For more details, see the Author Guidelines and articles published in the 5.1 2023 edition. Template
2. Change of issue time from April, August, November to July, October and December.
Posted: 2023-06-13 More...
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Vol 5, No 3 (2023): Khazanah Pendidikan Islam

Table of Contents


(1) Mohamad Erihadiana, UIN Bandung, Jl.Cimencrang, Kec.Gede bage, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat,, Indonesia
(2) Wildan Baihaqi, UIN Bandung, Jl.Cimencrang, Kec.Gede bage, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat,, Indonesia
(3) Mimin Tjasmini, UIN Bandung, Jl.Cimencrang, Kec.Gede bage, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat,, Indonesia
(4) Supiyardi Supiyardi, UIN Bandung, Jl.Cimencrang, Kec.Gede bage, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat,, Indonesia
(5) Zul Andrivat, UIN Bandung, Jl.Cimencrang, Kec.Gede bage, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat,, Indonesia
(1) Shameer Modongal, West Asian Studies, University of Kerala, India
(1) Kennedy Kaumba Mabuku, Department of Policing. Stadio Higher Education, South Africa
(1) Meli Fauziah, Sociology Department, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, Indonesia
(2) Mohammad Eriherdiana, Pascasarjana UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, Indonesia, Indonesia
(1) Lakshman Chandra Pal, Bidhan Chandra College 31, GT Road (East), Rishra, Hooghly, West Bengal, India