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The title of this study is "The Role of the Transportation Agency in the Management of Urban Public Transportation in the City of Solok ". The purpose of this study was to find out how the role of the Department of Transportation of Solok in managing and managing urban public transport. The phenomenon that the researchers found in the field is the tariff that is not by Government regulations, the low interest in the KIR test, the service schedule and the uneven routes of urban public transport routes. The researcher used role theory, according to Heroepoetri. The dimensions used are role as a policy, role as a strategy, role as a communication tool and role as a dispute resolution tool. The research method used was qualitative, and the informants numbered seven people. Data is obtained through observation, interviews and documentation. The procedure for testing the validity of the data is done using the source, time and technique triangulation. The results revealed that the role of the Department of Transportation has not run optimally because it has not acted firmly on the owners of urban public transport who set the tariffs that are not in accordance with regulations, which do not carry out the KIR test and there has been no decisive action against ojeg base drivers that prevent equitable access to transportation. For this transportation service to run optimally, the Transportation Office of Solok City needs to increase the implementation of supervision, control, planning and traffic management arrangements.

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- West Java Provincial Regulation Number 3 of 2011 concerning the Implementation of Transportation.

- Solok Mayor Regulation Number 2 of 2018 concerning Tariffs Route License Levies

- Solok Mayor Decree No. 70 of 2016 concerning City Transportation Tariffs in Solok City Region



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